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Pandemic Board Game Review – Can You Save The World?


Cooperate Or Die! Pandemic is a cooperative board game for 2-4 players, made by Z-Man games. In this unusual game, players work together to try to save the world from 4 virulent diseases. Each player takes on the role of a Specialist with different abilities that can help the team. However, the diseases are spreading rapidly and if there are too many outbreaks, it’s game over! In this article you can find out what a cooperative game is and then read my review of Pandemic. The clock is ticking…. Have you got what it takes to find the cures before…
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What You Should Know About Codependency


In A Nutshell; Codependency is a relationship addiction that is one side destructive and abusive.. At this point you are wondering what I am talking about or deep down, you know the script as you have been there and wore the t-shirt. Codependency has come to the fore in the last fifteen years. Codependency is a learned as a result of coping in a dysfunctional family.. The codependent will love excessively, care for the other regardless of her/his own needs.He/She will settle for insults, abuse, lack of affection. control and manipulation all for the sake of love and his/her better…
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Comic Con Cosplay Guide


On July 21 through 24, geeks from all over the planet powered down their gaming consoles and made the pilgrimage to San Diego for Comic-Con 2015. Host to greater than 150,000 people, this event is an alternative universe formulated to pay tribute to motion pictures, manga, cartoons, online games, music as well as, of course, the medium which started it all – comics. Comic-Con is certainly not the type of convention which you arrive in a stuffy, gray business suit. Costumes, although not required for access, seem to be nearly de rigueur as fanboys in addition to fangirls strut their…
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